Friday, 12 November 2010

Exhibition Body Paintings Festival Austria

Recently on July 18 a very exclusive Body Art Competition Exhibition and Body Paintings Festival held in Austria, Europe. Austria always inspire the body paintings and work for the world wide publicity. It was one of the world's largest festival of Body art. Body Art Artists from 50 different countries attended this great festival. Each of the model turned an ordinary person into an artistic object. Some of the very beautiful photos of this festival is presented here.

Body art competition and International German Body painting Festival was held on the German city of Mainz recently. 60 artists from around the world was participated in this exclusive competition. Watch some of the very good bodyart paintings of Germany festival, wish next time post more festival art photos.

Its the Halloween time. Decorate yourself like a monster or an alien. Human Body Art Paintings present you the Best Halloween Horror BodyArt Paintings. why not try these best body art in the Halloween eve? Halloween body art will give you extra new look and feelings. Make your best Hallows Eve ever with these Monster Alien Body Art Paintings.

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